RTG crane

A Brief Introduction to RTG Manufacturer

We can supply RTG (Rubber Tyre Gantry Crane) and RMT(Rail-Mounted Gantry Crane) loading capacity from 5tons to 4000tons. The products,adopting"Mechanical-Electronic-Hydraulic"technology, have achieved the advanced level of the same products in the world. Gantry crane series are mainly applied in the lifting,transporting and loading of passenger transport special railway line,concrete box girder in the bridge project etc.

Rubber Gantry Crane for Sale

Rubber Tyre Quayside Container Gantry Crane Parts

Rubber tyre quayside container gantry crane (RTG) generally includes the following units: steel frame, hoisting mechanism, minimum slewing mechanism, and spreader anti-shaking mechanism, crane travel mechanism, turning mechanism, trolley traverse mechanism, container spreader, diesel generating sets, electrical equipment and other accessory equipments for safety.

If you have more detail requirements,we can customize the gantry crane for you and supply the design concept to the manufacturing & assembling and test & experiment and drawing according to your requirements.

rtg crane for sale rtg cranes

ANSON RTG Crane Features:

  • Name:Rubber Tyre Gantry Crane
  • Standard: Europe
  • Structure:Truss or Box
  • OEM
  • Capacity: Large Tonnage
  • Usage: Container, port and Precast beam loading
  • 12 wire bidirectional anti sway system RTG crane
  • PLC control
Technical Specification
Capacity of Spreader T 30.5 35 40.5
Working Duty   A6 A6 A6
Span(m) S 23.47 23.47 23.47
Base(m) B 7.4 7.4 7.5
Lifting Height(m) H 15.4 15.4 18.2
Speed Hoisting With Full Load m/min 12 12 23
Only with Spreader 24 24 48
Trolley 70 70 70
Travelling With Full Load 45 45 45
Only with Spreader 90 90 90
Main Dimension(mm) L 25370 25370 25395
H1 22030 22334 25134
L1 905 905 905
L2 950 950 975
Total Power of diesel motor KW ~305 ~305 ~400
Total Power of genetator KVA ~518 ~595 ~720
Max Working Load of Wheel KN 273 287 320